Sexual Assault

Forensic and Clinical Management

A Virtual Practicum™ based on the
National Protocol for Sexual Assault
Medical Forensic Examinations

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Web Room

Welcome to the Sexual Assault: Forensic and Clinical Management Web Room. You'll find links here to valuable resources on the World Wide Web that expand upon material covered here in this Virtual Clinic and offer opportunities for hands-on training.

Some of the links you'll find on the sites listed below may open your regular web browser and bump you out of this program. If that happens, you can come back with ALT-TAB.

Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Technical Assistance (SAFEta)
Sexual assault forensic examiner links. Questions regarding the program's content, please contact Kim Day (kimday -at- iafn -dot- org).

Technical Support for Sexual Assault: Forensic and Clinical Management
Technical support page for this project, including questions regarding possible bugs in the program.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Search the site using the keywords "sexual assault" for further clinical information.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

50 State Summary of Emergency Contraception Laws
This site contains the current state statutes regarding the availability of emergency contraception.

Accessing Safety Initiative
The Accessing Safety Initiative helps organizations and communities meet the needs of women with disabilities and deaf women who are victims or survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Current Funding Database
Find information about funding streams, current grant solicitations available, application information and other issues and information related to funding.

National On Line Resource Center on Violence Against Women

The Prevention Connection's Violence Against Women Wiki Project
This website is Primary Prevention's project dedicated to advancing the prevention of violence against women, especially primary prevention. As a wiki dedicated to the same goal, the Prevention Connection Wiki Project is a place to collect and share experiences gained in the practice, theory, research and evaluation of violence against women prevention efforts. Although it can be read by anyone, the intended audience for this wiki is professionals and others dedicated to prevention efforts. There is a wide breadth of knowledge from practitioners and researchers throughout the country and world. Most of the knowledge, materials and insights about violence against women prevention are typically not published in written reports, journal articles or books. Instead, the wisdom of violence against women prevention exists in the heads of people doing the work day-to-day. A wiki is a medium to share, refine and add to the practical experience of practitioners and engage in a collective "evidence-building" process.